About Us

A Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Service (HPH) is an organization that aims to incorporate the concepts, values, and standards of health promotion into the organizational structure and culture of health care.

In March 2008, the Ontario Health Promoting Hospital Network became the first official HPH network in Ontario and the second in Canada, following lessons learned from the Montreal HPH Network. OHPHN is part of the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services, representing an international movement initiated by and affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The OHPHN is a province-wide forum to advance health promotion in hospitals and health services through knowledge exchange, partnerships, and resources. It supports hospitals and health service organizations to promote health and healthy settings.

OHPHN Objectives

  • To advance the quality of health care and improve quality of life for patients, staff and community through an integrated culture of health promotion
  • To facilitate and encourage the exchange of experiences amongst peers through engaging network meetings
  • To enhance organizational HPH policies and practices
  • To explore the application of standards and indicators for health promotion in existing quality management systems at local hospitals and at regional levels
  • To establish a presence locally, nationally and internationally and widely disseminate HPH knowledge and achievements
  • To contribute to the evidence base for HPH through participation in research and projects.